Our Basics Bali Reptile Rescue

Our Basics

Bali Reptile Rescue

Free Reptile Removal and Rescue Service 24hour

0821 4638 0270


If you see a snake please dont try to catch it or chase it away

Just watch where it goes and give us a ring

A snake hiding in one place is easy for us to remove

But a scared snake somewhere in a huge clump of bamboo is virtually impossible to find

Bali Reptile Rescue is a small but dedicated group of volunteers who specialise in three main things with reptiles

Education Rescue Relocation

For far too long reptiles in Indonesia have been seen as only good for either food or fashion articles like shoes and handbags

It is only recently that conservation and environmental awareness has forced people to begin to understand the huge role reptiles play in Indonesian ecology

Indonesia has been blessed with some of the worlds most magnificent animals and our group wants to help preserve as many of these as we can before they disappear forever

With Bali becoming more populated every year because it is such a wonderful place to live; more and more forest and farming land is becoming cleared for housing
This removes habitats and brings more people into contact with displaced reptiles such as snakes lizards and fresh water turtles

Contact usually results in the death of the reptiles through human fear of the unknown
That is why Education about reptiles is so important and our priority here is educating the children to show them how interesting and wonderful their native animals are
Relocation lets us come to your home or workplace and safely remove any reptiles that are causing you concern
Rescue is where we treat and rehabilitate injured reptiles

Donations can be very easily made using Paypal which costs you nothing to send money
Anything at all is very gratefully accepted
Our Paypal is balireptilerescue@yahoo.com

We also have arranged a series of small tours in different parts of Indonesia especially to cater for people who want to see the real Indonesia away from the usual tourist traps
These tours are very different to anything offered by anyone else
We know the local people in each selected area and have hired the best guides available so that no matter what species of flora or fauna you want to see they will direct you into the best possible places to find them
As an example our last 4 day trip into a remote valley in Papua resulted in finding 4 Boelins Pythons and countless other reptiles; followed by 3 days of some of the best fishing I have ever experienced
Our night tours in Eastern Java are turning up more night creatures than anyone expected; from very impressive 5metre reticulated pythons down to tiny nearly florescent frogs

We are presently negotiating with several other tribal groups in Papua, Sulawesi and Borneo for permission to take people unobtrusively into their lands as well
These will all be into areas virtually never seen by any tourists before and inaccessible by other tour operators
Each tour group will be small as animal observation is much more successful with a smaller group

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Monsoons and Bungalows: Snake Trek with Reptile Rescue in Bali

Monsoons and Bungalows: Snake Trek with Reptile Rescue in Bali: Patrick spent 2 days with the people from Reptile Rescue in Bali. They make over 800 house calls a year, all for free, just because they lo...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BRR Tours

BRR Tours
With our jungle tours we provide all transport accommodation and food from Bali and return to Bali. Each jungle tour requires a minimum of five guests and is arranged to be as energetic as you want it to be. Other tours require a minimum of two guests. We know that every group is different so design each tour to suit. It doesn’t matter to us what your preferences are because we can cater for everyone as our guides know the flora and fauna inside out. So whether you want to find black orchids and butterflies, or snakes and monkeys, just ask and we will send you to the best area to see these. We provide malaria tablets to every guest

Bali Night Tours
These are by far our most popular tour and can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. Usually we start early evening and finish about 1am. We pick you up from your hotel and drop you back there afterward. Normal tour will start at our depot where you will see whatever we have rescued that week plus any snakes that have required hospitilisation or treatment. These will usually include cobras vipers reticulated pythons rat snakes and various other colubrids and may include lizards and turtles. Next we head out to find night creatures having fun in their natural surroundings. Long pants and closed shoes are needed. We provide lamps etc as required
Cost per person 700.000IDR

Kings of Bali Tour
This is a two day tour starting from your hotel in the morning , and returning next day in late afternoon or evening.  First we visit our depot to see whats been happening. Then its off to find king cobras in Western Bali. Travel takes between two and four hours depending on which locations we visit first. After enjoying the afternoon searching we book into a hotel and get ready to spend the evening hunting for both kings and other wildlife including porcupines birds snakes lizards and civet cats. Next morning its back looking for kings again before heading home. You will usually get the opportunity to see wild king cobras on these tours because we know the locations hunting areas and nesting sites of several kings
Includes accommodation transport and meals [excluding alcohol]
 Cost 5.000.000IDR for 1 guest...... 6.000.000IDR for 2 guests... 8.500.000IDR for 3 guests... 11.000.000IDR for 4 guests 

Kalimantan Jungle Tour
We know Kalimantan well and travel back there every year to visit other conservation groups and a few different places to enjoy what this beautiful island has to offer.  Because many people want to see orangutans we now include  4 days at Tanjung Puting. Although this national park is famous for its orangutan rehabilitation program there are many other types of flora and fauna to see there if you have the right guide. Finding the right guides is our specialty and every tour is designed to be very flexible to suit the needs of each group
A typical Kalimantan tour will start and finish in Bali.
Night before the tour starts we all meet up in Bali and get to know each other
Next morning we fly to Surabaya and from there to Pangkalan Bun where we meet our first guide and travel by boat to Tanjung Puting

Tanjung Putting National Park is mostly flat terrain and home to both wild orangutans and others being rehabilitated. These are what has made it world famous but are definitely not the only animals you will see there
With our tour we are met at the airport in Pangkalan Bun  and travel by river boat [klotok] into the park. We travel slowly to enhance the opportunities to see both salt water and gavial crocodiles plus many other animals such as proboscis and silver leaf monkeys, macaques and birds. We eat and sleep aboard the klotok in quite comfortable surroundings for 3 days during which we visit both the rehabilitation facility and trek into the jungle looking at other wildlife. You will get the chance to be up close and personal with some magnificent wildlife in a protected area. We will take you into parts of the park few others get the chance to visit on night spotting trips which are turning up some amazing finds so bring a camera

Then it is back to Pangkalan Bun to fly to Banjarmasin where we stay for one night with a local family and meet with groups of young Indonesian conservationists, before heading into the jungle after 4hrs travel next morning.
Each tour goes into a different area but each area is equally spectacular with similar habitats and flora and fauna. We select areas using the knowledge of local guides and hunters who know where the best places to visit will be. That will improve the chances of finding seasonal flora and fauna as required. When we reach each area we set up base camp and from then on the time is ours to do whatever we want. So far every base camp has been beside a river with good swimming etc set right beside the jungle in a place providing access to various wildlife trails for exploring the area
Night spotting in these areas turns up many unexpected results, and we consider these tours to be the best available anywhere. Our cook is great and she does a wonderful job under what can be difficult circumstances at times. Our guides vary from place to place because we use the best guide for each area and our porters are all local people. Base camp one is our main operations point and will be chosen before we even enter the area. It is chosen so that from there we can always easily access different places we know will be of interest
These tours only require a normal level of fitness because Base Camp One is usually only two hours walk. But unlike Tanjung Putting  these areas are not flat and are home to very different species
One important thing to remember is that in the jungle there is no electricity or shops, so bring plenty of spare batteries

These tours require a minimum of 5 guests and price includes all air land and boat transport, all accommodation and meals

Heart of Borneo
Where we are planning this tour for is into Dayak sacred areas of this huge region. We will fly from Bali to Palangkaraya and there begins the fun. This part involves 3 days travel by klotok [river boat] then river canoe and finally on foot into areas seldom visited by Westerners. Only our family relationship with these Dayak people allows us to even attempt to get entry into their sacred areas. This tour will require a much higher level of fitness than the others. Because of travel time it will require about 10 days minimum once we get to the area. So 16 to 18 days is the shortest time for this tour. We will be a long way from anything that westerners call civilization, so everything must be brought in by us and removed by us afterward. This tour will include caving climbing etc etc

Komodo and Rinca
If you want to see komodo dragons talk with us.                                                                                      Komodo and Rinca Islands are the home of this large powerful lizard and we arrange guided tours of both islands. The rangers we use are the best we could find and our guests never leave disappointed. We recommend 2night 3 days tour to let you see everything. This tour does not include flights to and from Bali. We pick you up at the airport in Labuan Bajo, Flores, and take you to the waiting boat.        First stop is Rinca Island to see the Komodos.   Unlike other tours we know you want to see komodo dragons so we always have a minimum of 4hrs on each island. Then its off to Komodo Island. We sleep aboard the boat and visit beaches and reefs for swimming and snorkeling before seeing more dragons. Sleep on board again and after swimming in the morning return to Labuan Bajo to take you back to your plane. Price includes meals and transportation
Total cost is 15.000.000IDR  for 2 guests                                                       

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bali Reptile Rescue

Free Reptile Removal and Rescue Service 24hour

0821 4638 0270


  Snakes Commonly Found in Bali


(Trimeresurus insularis) White Lipped Green Pit Viper

Venomous and will defend itself vigorously.

Usually found in trees but quite happy in cupboards etc 



(Naja sputatrik) Javan spitting Cobra

Very venomous and should not be approached as very defensive if attacked. They can spit venom and hit you in the eyes every time from a distance of 2 metres resulting in a lot of pain and temporary blindness. Mostly seen as dull brown but some are almost black in colour. Most of the time they do not flare their hoods so this can make casual identification difficult. Usually found at ground level but can climb quite actively when chased. Often live in old rat holes etc so its a good idea to fill any holes you find around your garden.


 (Ophiophagus hannah) King Cobra. 

Largest of the venomous snakes on Earth. The biggest we have relocated in Bali was 5.3metres. These magnificent snakes are not commonly seen but we are tracking several and know exactly where to find them. In 2013 we hatched out and released 106 baby kings and this year are aiming to relocate even more. Our king cobra tours are turning up some spectacular kings


                          Banded coral snake (Calliophis intestinalis) Ular cabai

                Bungarus fasciatus (Banded krait-ular wellang)

Bungarus candidus (Banded Krait-ular welling)

Possibly the most deadly snake here.. We have never seen one longer than 1200mm but there are reports of larger ones in Java... These have definitely caused deaths in Bali

The one in this picture is the most commonly seen colour but others are nearly jet black with no white 



Laticauda colubrina

(Boiga Dendrophil) 
Mangrove snake or gold-ringed cat snake

 Gold Ringed Mangrove snake are mildly venomous very attractive snakes of no danger to humans but will defend themselves strongly. As shown here they are not just black and gold but also come in black with white rings and there are also red and gold ones in Java

(Boiga cynodon) Dog-toothed cat snake


(Boiga Nigriceps) Black-headed cat snake

(Ptyas mucosa) Oriental rat snake. Ular Jali

Beautiful fast moving harmless snake which grows to over 3 metres

Checkered keelback (xenochrophis piscator)

Harmless and usually found in or near water

                                     (Lycodon capucinus) Wolf snake

                       This beautiful little harmless snake moves very quickly 

                                          but only grows to about 80cm

                                (Lycodon subcinctus) White.banded wolf snake

                                Malayan Banded Wolf Snake - Ular cicak belang

                                            Harmless :Maximum 90 cm.


                           (Xenopeltis unicolor) Sunbeam snake
Usually less than 1 metre in length
 and most commonly seen in or near water

Painted Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis pictus)
These are harmless Tree Snakes commonly brought home by cats


                            (Ahuetella prasina) Vine Snake
                   harmless tree snake grows to nearly 2 metres
                    Looks like a ribbon dancing through the trees

                                      Reticulated Pythons 
                                can reach over 5 metres in Bali 
                                  but are harmless to humans 
                         and will only bite if attacked or provoked

                                           Burmese python 


                                  (Juvenile Ahaetulla prasina)
    Brown coloured vine or whip snake very uncommon colour in Bali

               (Ramphotyphlops braminus) Blindsnake - Ular buta
                                  wire snakes, worm snakes
           Body length up to 175 mm, but rarely longer than 15 cm. 

                                 and mostly about 10 cm or less.

                                   (Coelognathus flavolineatus) 
                Yellow Striped Ratsnake, Malayan Black Tailed Racer


                              (Pareas carinatus) Ular siput


                                    Rat Snake (Ptyas korros)

                                 (Xenochrophis melanozostus)
                                   Javan keelback water snake

                                    (Rhabdophis chrysargos)
                               Spotted or speckle belly keelback 


                                    (Gonyosoma oxycephalum) 
                        Red-tailed Green Ratsnake or Red-tailed Racer
                                                 Ular Bajing

                          Radiated rat snake (Coelognathus radiatus)

Paradise tree snake


Striped keelback Xenochrophis vittatus

Sibynophis geminatus Collared snake Striped litter snake

                       (Cerberus rynchops) dog-faced water snake

Accrochordus granulatus


The most important thing to understand about snakes is that they do not attack unless provoked.    Most bites come from people either seeing a snake and trying to kill it or from standing on a snake